mix & match

Butterbeer Float    $6
fall spiced ice cream & cream soda

Apple Cinnamon Cheesecake     $6.5
candied apple, graham cracker, mascarpone, cinnamon ice cream

Warm Ice Cream Sandwich       $6
lightly toasted sweet roll filled with cherry-almond ice cream

Ricotta Donuts       $6.5
chocolate hazelnut mousse, cinnamon sugar, hazelnut crunch

Maple Crème Brulee     $6
gingersnap cookies

Banana Fluffernutter        $6
banana cake, peanut butter mousse, toasted marshmallow, banana ice cream

Blonde Bombshell      $6
blondie with malted vanilla ice cream, whipped cream & butterscotch sauce

Deep Dish Cookie $7
warm brownie & chocolate cookie, vanilla ice cream

Ice Cream or Sorbet     $5
chef’s choice